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Sleepy Hollow Campground, Pincher Creek

1 Aug

Sleepy Hollow Campground

Campground: Sleepy Hollow Campground

Address: 1229 Waterton Avenue, Pincher Creek, AB T0K 1W0 (403) 627-2033

Online Reservation: No, But you can email for reservations to


Wifi: No

Rates: No Services – $24.00
Water, Power and Cable TV – $30.00
Water, Power, Cable TV and Sewer $35.00

Campground Map: Sleepy Hollow Campground Map

*There are weekly and Monthly Rates. Always check the campgrounds website as prices make have changed since review was done.

Last week we wanted to get away for a quick camping trip. We looked at our list of campgrounds we’d like to visit that were in close proximity to Lethbridge. We decided on Sleep Hollow campground, which is located in Pincher Creek, Alberta and about an hour outside of Lethbridge. Show On Google Map

Sleepy Hollow Campground - Main Office

The Sleepy Hollow campground is right off the main road, but is well tree’d and the road noise was non existant. When we arrived we went into the main office and found that the office is open only twice daily for a few hours, however, they do have a self registration option and maps available for the campground. We had pre-registered so we did not have to use the self serve option.

Sleepy Hollow Campground - FirepitWhen we got to our campsite ( P10 ) we found there was a picnic table and a firepit. Firewood is available for 8 dollars per bundle. This may seem expensive however in most National Park campgrounds they charge 8.00 per night to have a fire. To save some money you may want to read this blog post I recently wrote.

Our campsite had 15 amp service, running water and cable tv for $30.00 (plus tax) per night. They do have full service campsites with 30 amp service, water, sewer and cable tv for $35.00 (plus tax) per night. Ensure you check their website website for latest rates.

Sleepy Hollow Campground - Firepit

There are washrooms located all over the campground. Although from the outside they aren’t much to look at, don’t be deceived, they house the modern conveniences with hot/cold running water and flush toilets and more importantly, are EXTREMELY CLEAN. Probably some of the cleanest campground washrooms I have seen.



Sleepy Hollow Campground - Washroom

There were quite a few construction crews staying at the park. Even with the heavy use of the washrooms, they were kept at the highest standard.

Sleepy Hollow Campground - Showers

The showers are free and are located in the main office building. They are available 24/7, however at nightime the hallway leading to the showers is very dark, so ensure you take a flashlight. Just like the washrooms, the showers are spotless. There is 4 private shower rooms, each has a sink with hot/cold running water, a seat and a shower. The shower was tight, but the continuous hot water, even with all 4 showers running, and no time constraints, made up for that.

There are 2 washers and 2 dryers located in the main office building as well. The washer is $2.00 for a full cycle ( Only Loonies ) and the dryer is $0.50 cents per cycle ( Quarters Only ). I required 2 dryer cycles to dry a full load of clothes.

Sleepy Hollow Campground - LaundryIn the main building there is also free wifi ( SSID: sleephollow ) the wifi is only in and around the main office building. There is no wifi servicing the campground. Although if you had an external antenna for your trailer, I am quite sure you would be able to pick up the signal. That is an upgrade that I have planned shortly for our Love Bug RV, with tutorial to follow.

The town of Pincher Creek has all the services that you could possibly require, Walmart, Rexal Drugs, Tim Hortons, etc. The closest RV Care dealer is Eldorado RV in Lethbridge.

There is a playground and basketball net for kids to play. Pincher Creek is within very close proximity to the campground and there is a slow moving creek which I believe is safe for kids to play around and in.

We really enjoyed our stay at Sleepy Hollow Campground, and will be back for sure. We give Sleepy Hollow Campground 3.5 stars. We feel that because of the cleanliness, friendliness and the hot free showers that we will definitely return. This being said, the office hours could be increased, the service outlets (cable/power outlets) at the campsite are in need of replacing and if the grounds of the campground were updated/maintained we would happily give this campground at least 4 stars, however,  it for sure does get our Lovebug stamp of approval.